2022 BMW X8: the monster…


I know… Big SUVs=giant profit margins…

Still. Look at this. Sure, it is still covered up in heavy camouflage. But I cannot imagine anything great looking under all this.

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  1. Another STUPID idea. WTF is wrong with Germans these days? They used to make classy looking cars and decent looking SUVs, now it is all a mess, like the XJ Jaguar and I Pace.

    You can make a tooth pick into a brick home.

  2. Answering Fart. They want "Presence". The same used to be said of the Japanese and the home market. The tight confines of the city meant you needed a visual hook to catch someones eye. Maybe most people are turned off, but the hook grabbed enough future customers. Might be the same thing here.

    I doubt it's a winning formula these days.

  3. That is a classic line: "I cannot imagine anything great looking under all this"

    I'm kinda imagining a great mess… a big cartoonish conflagration.

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