2022/23 BMW X8: hard to even imagine…

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These new illustrations of the upcoming BMW X8 SUV look pretty close to recent spy shots.
They basically show one of the worst car (SUV) designs ever. Squeezing an amazing amount of vulgarity in just one vehicle. 
Of course, the new X8 is not alone in that field. Many, even more, expensive SUVs are competing for the “most vulgar” trophy. Like the Rolls Royce Cunilan, Bentley Benteuga, or even BMW’s own X7.
(Which manages to be both invisible and ghastly.)
Even if they don’t sell that many (around 20 000 units of the X7 sold last year), they will make tons of profit on each. But with each horrible design, the real cost to BMW is the damage to the brand itself.
The new iX EV has been getting so so reviews lately. But reviewers seem to mention they are getting used to the design. (“Not ugly as you think” etc…)
I saw it the flesh myself, and even sat in it. Trust me, it is extremely ugly in real life too.
The X8 might become the pinnacle of the “bad years” for BMW designs…

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  1. I don't know how the car review business works, but I have heard 1st hand from people that are professional reviewers of other kinds of products (like electronics, home goods, cameras, etc…) that if they say anything to negative about the product, the company will stop sending them their products (or inviting them to product launches). So is seems that being too honest can hurt your career as a reviewer.

    Not sure if this affects the car review business too… but it could explain things.

    Still ugly front ends don't seem to hurt sales… just look at Lexus.

  2. Well, this is pretty much exactly how it works…

    BMW is well known to spend a huge amount of money on wining and dining journalists. Even for cars that sell very few units. Golf resorts for a few days, 1st class travels overseas, etc…
    Even if nothing is actually said, most journalists would not "jeopardize a good thing" by being too critical in their reviews.

  3. This monstrosity is well deserving of Vince's most derisive and colorful opinions: "Vulgar" and (my favorite) "Ghastly". Just perfect descriptions.

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