Integra Vs.Civic: back in 2005…

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After seeing early photos of the new 2023 Acura Integra interior, many were quite disappointed.
While others correctly pointed out the 2 cars were always very similar. Since the Integra/RSX was always an Acura version of the Honda Civic.
Still, they always had very different designs and interiors. The new Integra will have a different exterior design from the current Civic. But as we have seen, a lot of its interior will be the same as the Honda version.
Which was never the case before.
As an example, I dug out photos of the 2005 Civic and RSX above.
It’s actually very hard to see any similarity. With the Acura looking very different and more upscale.
Just like it should be…


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  1. Back when Honda had better seats than today… and Acura was a step up from that! I hope the new Integra gets an upgrade. Honda cheaped out on our CRV seats – never had a Honda where my backside was complaining after 2 hours of driving before, but darned if they didn't manage it anyways.

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