2022 Ford Equator Sport: new video…

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Besides the obnoxious soundtrack (turn the sound OFF), this video is quite interesting.
Showing almost everything about the new Ford Equator.
The “Sport” is a slightly shorter version of the Equator.
So far this is a Chinese market model only. But I can see this replacing the Edge in the US. Although, it doesn’t really look that much better or more modern than the Edge. Another very generic design with not much personality that could be from anyone.
Although the interior is very nice. And quite an improvement from what’s being offered in the US.
This is much nicer than the Explorer interior. And the Escape could also use something better, like this.
It seems Ford’s US interiors look really old these days. Even the Bronco Sport deserves better, and that just came out.

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  1. If you didn't tell me what it was, from watching the video, I would have thought this was the new Edge. I don't understand why they're discontinuing the Edge. It sold really well, I see them everywhere in Houston, until they stopped really updating it. Maybe that slot is going electric, but they should keep the name IMHO.

  2. As far as Ford is concerned, in the US the Bronco is the more expensive, hard to get, marked up replacement for the Edge, which is a horrible move. This should be our Ford Edge. The mid-sized CUV market is not and not everyone wants a larger, more expensive Explorer and the Escape may be too small for some.

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