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We know a Hybrid version of the new Honda Civic is coming. But we don’t know yet if it is coming to the US for sure.
A while ago, a US Honda exec mentioned there is no need for it since they have the Insight.
The current Insight came out a bit over 4 years ago, so it’s true Honda might keep it for another year or two.
Although it is a very nice car, they sold less than 19 000 of them last year. The popular is much more popular. Selling over 14 times that amount last year! 
I really think the car above, a hybrid civic version of the new Civic Hatchback could be more popular than the poor Insight. And probably cheaper to produce too.
Although I got fantastic gas mileage with the various versions of the current Civic I’ve driven, it never gets over 28MPG around town. While it was easy to get over 55 with the Insight I drove back in 2018. I am sure Honda can find its way to improve that number a bit over 3 years later.
This could basically almost cut the cost of gas in half for people doing mostly city driving. 

Let’s hope this finds its way over here soon. It could easily become the new Civic’s best version.
A practical 4 door hatchback getting over 55MPG…

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  1. We have an understanding in our house: each new vehicle has to get noticeably better mileage than the one it replaces. That hasn't been too hard in the past… but, the next car up for retirement is my commuter car: a Civic.

    A Civic hatch hybrid is really what I've been wanting. Somehow, the current Accord's styling just never seemed to find its way into my liking…so the Accord Hybrid was a NO. That left the Insight as the only Honda option (hmmm.. looks like the Accord). As an alternative, it seems like Honda could have both vehicles…. the Civic Hybrid for people that want something a little livelier to drive with their high fuel economy (make it oriented more towards power delivery), and make an Insight (based on the Civic) as the hyper-miler or PHEV version (lower on power but 50-60 MPG) and the star of their MPG efforts. I hope they bring the Civic Hybrid to the US – their electrified vehicles are only seeing greater demand.

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