2023 Smart “SUV”: new photos…

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From these “official spy shots” we can alredy tell the new tiny Smart “SUV” will look a lot like the “Concept #1” we saw last year.

Which is great. Since that concept looked really cute and modern. You can tell the lights are larger on the production car. Which is usually the case. But I’m not sure why they added these horrible fake vents on the side of the front grille. The concept didn’t have these and did look much cleaner.

I guess now these fake plastic bits are excpected… On everything? 

Since Smart is now in partnership with Geely, the new model will be built in China. And we don’t have any specs yet. I guess in Europe this will be competing with the Fiat 500 EV, or Honda e. And the upcoming EVs from Mini.


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  1. Like your quotations over the word SUV implied, I have a hard time calling this an SUV. It's a compact path back that has been slightly raised just like many recent MINI products.

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