2024 Fisker Pear: new teaser…

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After the Ocean will come the Pear.
While the Ocean SUV is still due to start production in November, Fisker is now starting to take reservations for their next model: the Pear.
Of course, we don’t know much yer. Except it will start at $30 000. That means about (or even less) $20 000 after state and federal incentives.
While the Ocena will be made in Austria by Magna  Steyr, the smaller Pear will be built in the US at a Foxconn factory in Ohio.
If you’re already interested in a car we almost know nothing about, you can just send Fisker $250 to start the process. And wait until 2024 to “maybe” actually drive it. 


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  1. That has to be one of the worst names to date. Granted, Fisker has been awful at naming their vehicles. The Karma was a bad name and the Ocean was too… but what does Pear have anything to do with anything?

  2. The government meant to stimulate MPG and electric innovation. But now its no longer available to companies like GM, Honda, Toyota, etc… who could make real contributions to progress.., and instead we just get these tiny almost GOFUNDME pop up car makers like Fisker. The incentives aren't a mistake. Limiting their number with the current stipulations is. Tesla contributed something to the general adoption and progress. LUCID contributed something to range. All these others like Fisker are just sucking the system dry and pulling resources from others that CAN make a difference.

  3. Almost as bad as a lot of Volkswagens names. Remember the Rabbit? The Fox? The the Tiguan? Lol. Pear is a really bad name for a car. ��

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