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Today we have a few more photos of the upcoming 7 seater Lexus SUV that will sit above the upcoming Lexus RZ.
We’ve already seen it a few months ago when Toyota unveiled all these electric concepts. It was there.
Actually, right behind its Toyota clone (bottom pic)
It is obvious these two are the same. Except for the front end of the course, and other details.
But it looks like Lexus will go ahead and for the first time sell the same car as the Toyota version.
At least on these concepts, even the wheels are the same!
Kind of a weird and cheap move, since so far, Lexus models sold in the US always had their own design. 

What I really want to know is when we will see more of that cool-looking Crossover/Sedan/hatchback thing on the right…


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  1. Not exactly the first time, if you consider the LX/Land Cruiser.. perhaps they should call this the LZ for that very reason!

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