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 Let’s hope this new illustration of what the upcoming CX-80 SUV will look like is wrong.

And I am sure it is… The CX-80 (And slightly larger CX-90 for the US) will be based on Mazda’s new RWD platform. The illustration above has FWD proportions.

We have already seen the new CX-60, and so far, it’s not very impressive. At least visually. Since it just looks like another CX-5 refresh with RWD proportions. The one above looks like a CX-50 grille crafted onto an older Mazda design. While their current designs look fine, they do need something new.

I think the 2023 CX-50 is a step in the right direction. Even though it is based on the CX-30 platform, it looks quite different. The interior is also really nice and not a copy of previous Mazdas.

But that CX-60 we saw a few months ago already looks old. And it’s not even out yet. The larger models are probably still around 2 years away.

Should we start worrying about Mazda?

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  1. Nice concept rendering by whoever made it, but I agree it probably won't look like this and look more like the cx60 which looks already outdated. Same with the wheelbase stuff

  2. The CX-50's interior may not be a direct copy of previous Mazda's, but it is basically the CX-30's interior with slightly different parts. The layout is identical, just differently shaped vents, etc.

  3. Have we seen the pinnacle of Mazda design? Do they have no where to go but down now?

    I still think it's a strange move to have the CX-5 and CX-50 next to each other in the showroom. Almost like they are afraid of the CX-50 not working out. Mazda doesn't have enough room for a luxury sub-brand.

    In addition, the CX-50 looks like they really wanted to create a Jeep Cherokee Clone (2019+).

  4. I like everything but the lower front fascia of this car. Hopefully the real thing doesn't have that, because it really breaks up the smooth design. It goes against the smooth design philosophy that they've been following.

  5. I hope your right. This is definitely not presenting with appropriate rwd proportions. Not only that, but the current CX-9 looks way better and up-market imo.

  6. I really like the CX-50 from what I'm seeing. And yeah, I think they did as little to the CX-60 as possible – remember the CX-5 will still be available.
    But here's what I hope for Mazda – I hope they stop requiring the door sculpting present on the 3 and CX-30. Its not as impressive in the wild. I hope they make their cabins a bit bigger without bloating the entire vehicle size. I hope they learn to use more shading of colors in their interiors (white on black is not appealing). Try some black+charcoal+gray shading to give a better feeling of character and luxury.
    What's going to be critical for them is to have the Mazda 6 and other cars not be giant and yet have room and hybrid systems.

  7. Mazda still has room to evolve their current design philosophy. Currently, they have that defining plastic piece around the dash. But they could mirror what Acura is doing with a more frameless style design to minimize that one piece. A cleaner, simpler face is what all the electrics that look super futuristic are doing. Mazda will probably go there for sporty vehicles, but more like the CX-50 for offroad focused ones – that seems to be their focus.

  8. They did the same thing with the CX-30 and now the CX-3 is no more. There’s clearly a similar plan for the CX-5 given it’s age and the facelift was minor.

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