Future Nissan/Infiniti EV models: first video teaser…

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These pix above are screengrabs from the full video below.

The first photo shows the upcoming Nissan EV model. And it looks like a hatchback sedan. Which is good news since there are plenty of SUVs around these days. The Nissan version is probably the new Maxima. Something I have mentioned many times on the site.
An electric sedan is a perfect way to keep the Maxima relevant in the 21st century. As it has been overshadowed by the Altima for so many years now…
The other 2 photos show the Infiniti model. Which looks a lot like the Nissan. (At least the general fastback sedan shape). These 2 cars will probably end up looking very similar. 
The bad news: these aren’t due until 2025! that’s right. 3 years from now. When they will both be built in the US. 
3 years is a very long time. By 2025, VW will have a whole lineup of electric cars. Including a sedan. So will Audi. These will be competing with both the Nissan and Infiniti versions.
The Ioniq 6 EV sedan is also coming later this year. 
And who knows what else. From everyone else.
By the time these 2 come out they might be behind everyone else.  Although by that time, almost every new car coming out will be an EV anyway. And these will just be “2 new cars” and nothing that special.
I don’t think Infiniti will have anything new coming out before the EV. (At least I haven’t heard of anything)
More than 3 years between the new QX60 and the EV is a long time for a struggling brand everyone forgot about. Meanwhile, Lexus is redesigning everything and is coming up with a bunch of EVs as well.
And Genesis is constantly pushing ahead.
By 2025, Infiniti will be in a very tough spot. If it’s even still around….

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  1. A 2025 model year vehicle could go on sale at anytime in 2024, meaning it could be unveiled in 2023. So, no, not 3 years from now.

  2. I never said these were 2025 model year models.
    The plan is to start building them in 2025. This means they are probably 2026 model year cars.

  3. How long did it take the Ioniq 6 to go from concept to production? I don't understand your issue with this at all

  4. We'll see what they look like with further reveal, but this is the kind of bold futuristic vision I had hoped that Acura would unveil with the new 2023 Integra. There are so many elements of the past gen2 and gen3 Integra's that would be killer in a futuristic revision – gen2 tail lights, the blunt edge back profile, the front of the gen3. It feels like Nissan is taking chances, while Acura mgrs are all playing it safe.

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