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We have seen this sedan concept last year. As part of that huge concept buffet Toyota/Lexus showed us last  December.
Today we get to see a bit more. And it looks like a very modern and aggressive design. With, especially, a totally new front-end design for Lexus. While the electric SUVs will keep a vague, much softer shape reminiscent of the old Spindle grille, it seems everything else will use this much sleeker design.
The sedan does look like a next-generation IS. But it was shown as part of the brand’s upcoming EVs. The IS is not a big seller for Lexus, and they might have decided to just replace it altogether with an electric model.
Which would be competing against the Tesla Model 3.
But wait, there’s more!

As a reminder, Lexus is also planing 2 wagons and a convertible based on the sedan above!


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  1. The wagon and the convertible are both pipe dreams. They will make them, and if they do I'll eat my sock. LOL. It's an okay looking design, but it also doesn't look like a luxury vehicle to me. That's just my opinion. It looks like they gravitated more towards sporty.

  2. The front is giving me a mix of spindle and 90s ES vibes…not bad at all. I can see this replacing the IS. I can see them naming it the "IZ"

  3. Typical EV kind of front and design. Quite forgettable. But commendable as well in terms of the design. I will agree it doesn't look all that luxurious, but it looks good for what it is. Don't expect to see a convertible or station wagon. I don't even know if we'll see a sedan since all the automakers claim that nobody wants to buy sedans and they've been ending production of them. Why would they be doing this if sedans don't sell well in their mind?

  4. That front end face really looks generic, like any EV car from any startup. But I can't slam them for following their ugly grille motif here, it just doesn't look as bad as the huge grille. Overall it has a good elegant shape and looks very sports oriented. But that may be the issue… isn't Lexus supposed to be luxurious?

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