Mercedes EV SUVs: new illustration…

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We’ve known for a while that SUV versions of the EQS and EQE sedans are coming up.

As they have been testing for a while. And just like the sedans, they won’t be that different from each other. Mostly slightly different sizes. This new illustration shows what they could look like. And it seems quite close to the real thing. Since, in true Mercedes fashion, there will be no real surprises.

Let’s hope they do better than the poor old EQC that was actually never launched in the US…


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  1. Look like lifted sedans or hatchbacks. But not even raised wheelbase, just more slab sided materials.

  2. Hideous front-end for something that is a MB. Take the emblem off and they are nothing or anything.

    Up to a certain period in the recent past if you pulled the emblem off, you'd be able to still pick it out as a MB. Those days are gone.

  3. How absolutely forgettable. And what's with this weird blob / sedan hatchback SUV crossover mix? Does Mercedes-Benz even know what they're doing anymore?

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