New Lincoln Zephyr: in the flesh…

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The new Lincon Zephyr was unveiled just a few weeks ago. But these are real-life pictures of the new sedan. Which seems to be a really nice-looking car.
I still think that a PHEV version of this with a good EV range could have been a nice offering for the North American market.
But who knows… It seems only full-electric cars have a fighting chance as sedans these days.
The interior is a bit much for my taste. A giant flat dash multiple screens isn’t really an example of great design. It’s just kind of lazy. And that’s not even mentioning how distracting a full-width light show like this could be distracting at night.


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  1. It looks less good in it's final form. Dare I say is looks Chinese… even a bit cheap. But there are elements here that if done right, it could be great!

    The greenhouse housing is a DIRECT lift on the beautiful Chrysler 200S/C from 2015. The rear looks quite modern. I think where it needs the most work is that grille and the lower grille fascia and how it transitions to the side.

  2. Looks pretty much spot on to the Chinese Market Ford Mondeo. I personally think the Mondeo is more attractive though. Much nicer steering wheel as well.

  3. Little things make this look less resolved than the concept. The lower front fascia looks like a patchwork of available bits and pieces (what's with those fins). And why not carry the light bar across the grille, if even with a seam?

  4. Aspects of it look a lot like the Chrysler 200, except the Chrysler 200 looks better and is overall much more complete without weird aspects like this car.

  5. I'm getting the vibe from this that it was built on the existing Ford Fusion and they just stacked all the batteries between the seats. Looks underwhelming. Could have been really promising and perhaps brought to the US if they'd bothered really making it more distinctive.

  6. Greenhouses: Sonata, Avalon, Chrysler 200, 2004 Legacy, 2009 LaCross

    No wonder why sedans are dying. Same greenhouse different auto maker.

  7. Also add.the Chevy Impala to that greenhouse design too.

    If they can make original greenhouses for sedans theb maybe they can save these. But as long as everyone has the same greenhouse then people will just stick with crossovers.

  8. Also add the BMW I4 Coupe to that greenhouse copycat list and the Audi A7 as well.

    Sane greenhouse difference manufacturer. If I designed cars I'm aiming for a greenhouse that is orgin.

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