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Last week I posted photos of the production version of the Chinese Ora Cat EV. (The Balet Cat version)
Today we have many more photos of both the Punk Cat and Balet Cat.
As you can see the Punk Cat (green car) has a much more retro, 1930’s look to it.
These photos almost look like stills from the “Man in the High Castle” series. (Even though that was taking place in the ’60s)
It does feel like a bizarro world where another car brand is building the Beetle.
While the Balet Cat (last 2 pix) obviously looks much more feminine, I think the Punk Cat looks great.
A roomy 4 door electric Beetle hatch is a fantastic idea.
I even think all that retro chrome is pretty cool. (Although that interior is a bit much)
Both versions seem to have different interiors and the Punk Cat gets a much larger sunroof. It also seems generally more upscale.
Not sure how much they would cost. But they come with 2 different battery packs and have a range of up to 312 Miles in the Chinese cycle. Even if that translates into 250 miles in real driving, this is pretty good.
I really think this could have some success here. Of course, VW will be pissed. But these designs have actually been patented in China and Europe a few months ago. It would take quite a lot for VW to fight this.
It would be quite funny to see these driving around in Europe…
I will post videos very soon.


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  1. How big are these Bugs, err, Cats? They look huge! Especially the photo of the green one in front of McDonalds; compare it to the man walking next to it and the car is almost as tall as he is.

  2. Wow, these are great! Maybe VW will sit up and take notice. Their IDs are ok looking, but also kind of generic.

    So many vehicles all are following the same design aesthetic of Angry + Too Many Lines and you can barely tell them apart (Mazda, Acura MDX, Buick…) because they all have that same look.

    If going retro is how flowing lines return, I'm all for it. I wish Acura had gone that route instead of the ridiculous Integra reboot that keeps getting spammed on us just to get press coverage on anything in their sad lineup. They should have gone retro Gen3.

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