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Great Wall is testing an all-new sedan. Although it will be a retro-futuristic design, this is not the super cool-looking Sedan Concept we saw last year. The new model looks larger than the concept.

Patent photos of the production car show another cool retro-inspired design. Which after the Ora Cat, Lightning and Ora Punk Cat, seem to be their specialty. Which is something refreshing to see. A whole lineup of cars with tons of personality.

From the patent designs above, the new larger sedan reminds me a little bit of the old NSU R80. 

Imagine if other manufacturers actually did this with their upcoming EV platforms. Instead of chasing Tesla. As far as EV sedans go, my vote would go to a retro electric Ford LTD/Galaxie 500.

Why not!


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  1. I know you enjoy posting these Chinese cars, but I really don't have much interest in them because we'll never see them.

    Interesting design cues here and I will give them credit for at least being original. It's a retro mash of a lot of classic car cues.

  2. Vince, you can't criticize EV makers for looking like Teslas and also criticize them for not being competitive on range. Range is massively influenced by aerodynamics, so unless you're building a truck or a limo you end up shaping it like a bar of soap to get the range gains.

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