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The new 2023 Ford Everest is still a forbidden fruit for North American customers.
Even though git looks very similar rot the outgoing model, (3rd pic from the top) Ford claims the new Everest has a longer wheelbase (But probably still using the same platform).
It does look a little bit more modern than the outgoing model, but not by much. The most tricking design feature is, of course, the 2022 Ranger front end.
Otherwise, it’s one of these generic designs that could be anything from anyone. The rear end actually looks like a Chinese SUV.
It is powered by a choice of good old Diesel engines. 2.0 Liter or a larger 3.0 Liter Vy. Both with a 10-speed automatic transmission.
At least in these photos, the interior doesn’t seem premium. Even if you imagine leather seats. 
But this is, after all, a “real truck”. Not a regular Crossover.
Which is the appeal of the Everest.
It is basically Ford’s 4-Runner.
The new Bronco already competes in that segment.
Between this generic-looking SUV and the Bronco, I think most North American buyers will pick the Bronco any day.
I think Ford is right. They don’t need another generic SUV here.


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  1. Vince, I beg to differ. While this and the Bronco are similar in platforms and size categories, these are for entirely different markets. The Bronco is a direct Wranger competitor, while the ancient 4Runner remains ancient due to lack of competition. You could say the Everest could cannibalize the Explorer, but lets remember what the original Explorer was. it's larger and in a space that sits comfortably above this and below the Expedition. I think this would be a fine replacement for the Ford Edge and would help Ford in sales while their at it since they cannot build the Bronco fast enough.

    Call it the Everest or Explorer Sport and bring it over!

  2. I think 20-30 more lines and angles on the front end would complete the picture…………sarcasm aside, that is a very busy front end.

  3. This has the same weird height and narrowness as the Ranger. The D pillar and window are worried. It looks cheap inside. Good thing this isn't coming to the US. It looks cheap. Not nearly as well executed as it could have been.

  4. Vince don’t forget the Everest is not sold in all markets and Ford Australia works with what budget they are allocated. This car is a proper SUV unlike cars like the Edge. This is for people who actually need a working horse, something durable, strong and easy to look after. This isn’t a premium SUV or a flashy on-trend vehicle. It looks great. Shame they don’t offer Hybrid or EV which would make it a difficult sell in the near future. For that I am sure it’s down to Ford NA resources provided to Ford AU

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