2024 Alfa Romeo Giulia: new illustration…

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 Plenty of weird stuff here…

All we know about the next-generation Alfa Romeo Giulia is that it will be an EV. There will be no gas version of the new sedan. (The electric Giulia will be joined by a larger EV SUV later.)

The illustration above doesn’t seem to show an EV, to begin with. There’s just too much grill for that.

It also seems to be based on the Chinese Ford Evos. Or the Citroen C5 X. The Citroen is one of the weirdest cars currently around, and an Alfa version of that would just be terrible. 

I really don’t think this is accurate at all. In fact, a car looking like this would be a worst-case scenario for the poor Giulia. A raised, ungainly tall hatchback. So far, the Tesla Model 3 has shown the world there is a huge market for an electric sedan. Maybe that only works for Tesla? Who knows. Hyundai will soon find out with their upcoming EV6.

And I hope Alfa Romeo does too. With a real sedan and a great Italian design.

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  1. I get the idea that Citroen is a sister company within Stellantis and might be a similar vehicle. Is there a connection to Ford that Alpha has that I'm not aware of… perhaps a development agreement? I was thinking this would be more likely based on the Chrysler Airflow project that just debuted – even if that AIRFLOW name DOES sound like just another 2005'ish Ford EcoAeroSportStarBoostLineTracThing name. 🙂

  2. To make the ugly gastly C5x more palatable, they will smash on it the Alfa brand that evokes all its history and the wonderful cars of the past (the real Giulia). This happens when jewels end up in the hands of gracious families who don't care about cars.

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