2023/24 Toyota Bz5: patent designs…

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It looks like the upcoming electric sedan from Toyota will be called the bZ5. Which means it might be more expensive than the $42 000 bZ4X.
Not the greatest news. It would then go against the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 6 but also the                Tesla Model 3.
As a Toyota, I think it should really start under $40 000 in the US. But who am I… (really)
At least, there is some good news. The production version looks almost exactly the same as the great-looking concept we saw a few months ago. Although we kind of knew it from all these spy shots we’ve seen of the car.
Apparently, the new sedan has been developed with Chinese manufactured BYD. Not sure why, since this is supposed to be based on Toyota’s own EV platform. The car will be sold under both brands. 
I just hope this is coming to the US. 
Toyota needs to get ready for a future where the Camry and Corolla will be electric. Even though these are still very popular, (Over 313 000 Camrys sold last year and 223 000 Corollas)
This would be a great first step.


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  1. Vince, take a look at Best Car – Japan website. They have a rendering of a Mazda RX-7 and some other car. Maybe they're EVs?

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