2023/24 VW Golf: a look inside…

VW is currently testing a revised version of the current generation Golf. 
While we’re not getting the Golf in the US anymore, we are still getting the GTI version.
Although it seems pretty rare these days. They only sold 6 537 of them in the US last year!
Far, far less than the 22 485 sold the previous year. ( I smell bad news for next year…)
The prototype of the “updated” model shows the same horrible screen VW has been using in everything lately. Starting with their electric I.D models. It seems they just want to manufacture (or buy) just one type of screen and replace everything else with it, whether it fits the car or not.
This screen in the current Golf/GTI interior just looks ridiculous.
Let’s hope this is just some testing device and the production version will either keep the same screen setup or something a bit wider. 
But not this clowny and absurd device.


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  1. Face it. VW is overextended AGAIN. The statement released by VAG on the IPO of Porsche is clear, they spent everything and the fines and costs associated with Dieselgate are beginning to show the cracks and weaknesses of their corporation, such as investing more than PR bulls**t than technology to actually produce a better product. My bet is we're going to see fewer Atlases, Touregs etc… as well as very few ID's, and no GTI's. Last gasps again in the USA.

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