2025/26 Fiat 500 X EV?

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Fiat 500X EV illustration

Fiat has just introduced the all-new Fiat 600 4-door small electric SUV in Europe. It is not based on the new STLA EV platform but an older one that has been used by most other Stellantis brands for a few years already.

The 600 is not really a replacement for the aging 500X. At least not in the US, where a 2nd generation 500X could come in a couple of years as an EV. The new 500X would also be a bit larger than the current model.

Stellantis has recently released more info about the medium version of their upcoming STLA platform. And it looks like a perfect fit for a second-generation Fiat 500X.

They are already mentioning a range of up to 435 miles (IN the European test cycle). A 400-volt electric architecture and a 27-minute charge time from 20% to 80%. These are all very good specs, for now. But not a breakthrough. Nothing like what Toyota has just announced. And nothing that special for models coming out in 2 years or more.

It will be interesting to see when we actually see anything in the showrooms…

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  1. Looks suspiciously like FCA’s old 5 year plans, none of which every came true. I’ll believe it when I see it. Considering that Stellantis’s sole new product for the US is a badge engineered new Dodge ripped off from Alfa Romeo, I won’t hold my breath.

  2. According to the most recent rumors, the 500X will not have a direct heir. It will be replaced by a c-suv with a completely different design.

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