The REAL Dodge Chargers

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These are what Dodge proudly called the Charger!

These cars were far from what they are now trying to pass as the all new 2006 Charger.

Being a 4 door could be OK. But it should look sporty, and sleek. At least!

Not like the sedan version of a wagon, which it is now…

At least, design an all new car around the same platform!

The new Mustang does look like a Mustang, whether people like it or not.

There is no excuse for the way the 2006 Charger looks like. Chrysler has some of the best designers around!

Were are these guys???

Wasn’t it a Charger the bad guy was driving in “Bullitt”?

This 2006 looks more like the Yellow Cab Robert Duval was driving in that same movie…

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