• Lincoln Mark X.

    Here is another stretch. A possible future new Lincoln Coupe. Of course, the Lincoln Mark series stopped with the number XIII back in 1998 with the demise of the 7th generation, and another one is not planned. Ford has been hard at work on larger EVs for both Ford and Lincoln. However, these will, of… Continue reading Lincoln Mark X.

  • Zeekr 7X.

    The unveiling of the new Zeekr 7X EV is another demonstration of the constant attack on the Tesla Model Y from the Chinese completion. It seems every day, there is a new Chinese EV trying to compete with the most popular Tesla. And the new Zeekr 7X will be a formidable foe. It is just… Continue reading Zeekr 7X.

  • 2025 Audi A5.

    Audi has just released a teaser for their new A5 wagon. (Called Avant). The new A5 will replace the car we currently know as the Audi A4. The new model will be available as the wagon pictured above and a hatchback sedan (Sportback). From now on, Audi will use odd numbers for all their new… Continue reading 2025 Audi A5.

  • 2025 Fiat Grande Panda.

    These are new images of the Fiat Grande Panda EV, introduced a few weeks ago. Technically, this new model is not a replacement for the current Fiat Panda, since the current, smaller car will stay in production until 2027. But there will probably be no direct replacement for that old Panda. I think this is… Continue reading 2025 Fiat Grande Panda.

  • MG GTS.

    The new MG GTS is basically a hard-top version of the MG Cyperster that just went on sale in Europe. It is quite a good-looking car. It’s still rare to see 2 door EV coupes these days. It’s hard to see if it’s a proper hatchback or not. It looks like it could be since… Continue reading MG GTS.

  • Mazda EZ-6.

    These are more photos of the new Mazda EZ-6 EV we saw a few weeks ago, inside and out. The new Mazda EZ-6 sedan is based on platform from Mazda’s Chinese partner, Changan. It is related to the Chinese market Deepal S7 sedan from Changan. But Mazda was able to come up with an all-new… Continue reading Mazda EZ-6.

  • 2025 Honda Prelude.

    Honda has just announced the next-generation Prelude coupe will be sold in Europe, as part of their growing portfolio of electrified cars. While Honda hasn’t offered any specs, the new Prelude is expected to use the same Hybrid powertrain as the Honda Civic Hybrid that has been on sale in Europe for a while. Which… Continue reading 2025 Honda Prelude.