• Toyota bZ3X?

    Toyota has released a super short teaser video of an upcoming new model. Based on last year’s bZ Compact SUV, it is rumored to be called bZ3X. However, when you look a the teaser (top photo) it looks exactly the same as the concept. It even says “bZ Compact SUV” as the concept did. Not… Continue reading Toyota bZ3X?

  • New Lexus Concept

    Lexus has just released a teaser for a new concept. The new photo matches the car we saw in the illustration the carmaker released a few months ago (2nd pic) It is supposed to preview the first model based on a brand-new modular EV platform. I guess the current e-TNGA platform will be dead after… Continue reading New Lexus Concept

  • Ford Ranger PHEV

    Ford just unveiled a PHEV version of the new Ranger pickup. And it’s not coming over here… While the idea of a plug-in hybrid pickup for the US is pretty cool, the specs aren’t great. It is only rated at 45 km of EV range. Or around 28 miles. That’s in the optimistic European test… Continue reading Ford Ranger PHEV

  • Kia EV4

    The Kia EV9 is barely out, and we’ve already seen the smaller EV5 crossover. Now we’re seeing what would logically be called the EV4. A smaller and cheaper model that looks just a little larger than a Kia Soul. We don’t even have an official US price yet for the EV9, which means guessing the… Continue reading Kia EV4

  • 2024 VW Tiguan

    The new generation VW Tiguan is out, and I think it actually looks pretty nice. Much nicer than the current version, which wasn’t hard to achieve. Since the 2nd generation came out 9 years ago and already looked old then. I remember it took a long time for VW to offer the 2nd generation in… Continue reading 2024 VW Tiguan

  • 2026 Jaguar XJ

    Jaguar has confirmed their first new model from their “reimagine program” will be an all-new sports sedan based on the upcoming JEA platform. This model will start at around $125 000 and will have a range of up to 430 miles in the European test cycle. That could mean no more than 400 miles EPA,… Continue reading 2026 Jaguar XJ

  • Tesla Model 3

    These are just a few more official photos of the revised Tesla Model 3. 2 of these pix are from the 2018 original Model 3. You can see that the interior is all new when compared to the original. Although some changes appeared a few years ago when they removed all the chrome bits outside.… Continue reading Tesla Model 3