• Buick Electra E5.

    The Buick Electra E5 was the first Ultium-based Buick EV when it was introduced last year in China. It is a few inches longer than the great-looking Electra E4 we just talked about. But also roomier and more expensive. Recently, GM introduced a cheaper model to better compete in the extremely competitive Chinese EV market.,… Continue reading Buick Electra E5.

  • 2025 Toyota Camry.

    We have seen the Chinese version of the new 2025 Toyota Camry before. It is pretty much the same car as the new Camry sold in the US. But the interior is different, with a redesigned dashboard for the local market. There’s even a 3rd Camry model for the European market. Although it is very… Continue reading 2025 Toyota Camry.

  • 2026 Kia Telluride.

    While we’ve recently seen many spy shots of the next-generation Hyundai Palisade, we haven’t seen anything yet about its closely related cousin, the popular Kia Telluride. The current generation was introduced a few months after the Hyundai Palisade, and logically a new design is due shortly after the new Hyundai. As usual, it will probably… Continue reading 2026 Kia Telluride.

  • VW ID.7 Tourer.

    The new VW ID7 Tourer is the wagon version of the VW ID.7 EV sedan we saw last year. If it seems familiar it’s because we’ve seen it before. The ID.7 Tourer is the production version of the VW ID Space Vizzion Concept we saw back in 2019. That’s right, 5 years ago. I remember… Continue reading VW ID.7 Tourer.

  • Tesla Model 3 Plaid.

    The performance version of the revised Tesla Model 3 doesn’t have an official name yet. But we have seen prototypes with the “Plaid” logo from the Model S on them earlier. The prototype above shows the really cool bucket seats we saw last year on patent photos. It also seems the rear seat has been… Continue reading Tesla Model 3 Plaid.

  • Tesla Compact.

    This new photo is supposedly showing the future Tesla compact model outside the Berlin factory in Germany. We, of course, all know Tesla has been working on a smaller, cheaper all-new model based on an equally new platform. The new model will be much cheaper to produce and the expected base price is $25,000. Although… Continue reading Tesla Compact.

  • Rivian R2.

    These new photos supposedly show the new smaller Rivian R2, obviously at some official event. On some rooftop in Los Angeles. While it does look like a rooftop, and it could be in Los Angeles, the SUVs in the photos could also be the current Rivian R1S. I mean it does look like a meeting.… Continue reading Rivian R2.

  • 2026 Kia EV8.

    Kia is currently developing a larger EV sedan probably called the Kia EV8. It is scheduled for 2026 and will be based on Kia/Hyundai’s new IMA EV platform, which will replace the current E-GMP architecture. The new sedan will be getting an even larger battery pack than the current EV9, a new 113kWh unit good… Continue reading 2026 Kia EV8.

  • Lancia Ypsilon.

    After seeing better official photos of the new Lancia Ypsilon, I like it a lot! Sure, the concept we saw last year was very odd with very sporty proportions. But the new Ypsylon isn’t a production version of the Pu+Ra HPE concept, it is a Lancia version of the small Stellantis e-CMP2 platform, also used… Continue reading Lancia Ypsilon.

  • 2025 Kia EV3.

    Just a few months ago, Kia unveiled 2 very modern-looking EV concepts, the EV3 compact crossover and the EV4 sedan. While it will take us longer to see a production version of the sedan, the EV3 is on its way. When compared to the really nice-looking concept, we can already tell the shape of the… Continue reading 2025 Kia EV3.