Car News

  • 2026 Toyota Corolla.

    There is a new generation Toyota Corolla coming in 2026. This next-generation Toyota Corolla is already rumored to come standard with a new Hybrid powertrain that would include Toyota’s all-new more efficient 1.5 Liter engine. A PHEV trim will join the options list in a few markets. The goal for the new PHEV would be… Continue reading 2026 Toyota Corolla.

  • Cadillac Sollei Concept.

    While I applaud a new Cadillac Convertible concept, the new Sollei concept is quite a disappointment. I have been posting illustrations of what a new Cadillac Convertible could look like for a while. As possible Eldorado or even Coupe de Ville revivals. But what we have here is a 2 door convertible version of the… Continue reading Cadillac Sollei Concept.

  • 2025 Infiniti QX60.

    Infiniti just unveiled the 2025 version of their QX60 SUV. Which is no big news in itself. The main change seems to be the addition of a new “Black edition” package. It seems everyone has one of these these days. They usually include black wheels and chrome delete all around. And of course a black… Continue reading 2025 Infiniti QX60.

  • Honda Element.

    The 2 pictures on top are patent images from Honda. They date back from 2022, and they seem to show what a new-generation Honda Element could look like. The top image seems to show an optional addition on the back for camping purposes. There is also another image showing a compact pickup with a different… Continue reading Honda Element.

  • New VW EV.

    VW just officially unveiled their new EV for the Chinese market, the ID.Unyx. The ID.Unyx is a VW version of the new Cupra Tavascan sold in Europe. VW has decided the Tavascan would make a great VW in China and here it is. With redesigned front and rear ends as well as a new, less… Continue reading New VW EV.

  • 2025 Cadillac Escalade.

    It is quite something to compare the real world to the world of fantasy Cadillac illustrations I’ve been posting lately. In the real world, the ghastly Escalade is Cadillac‘s best-selling model. A huge truck-based SUV that has been doing better and better at hiding its Chevrolet Tahoe roots over the years. Today we get to… Continue reading 2025 Cadillac Escalade.

  • 2025 Audi A5 Avant.

    The new 2025 Audi A5 Avant wagon is yet another forbidden fruit for us in North America. So why not take a look at it… While the US will be getting both versions of the new fastback sedan, as the A5 and S5, we will not be getting the wagon versions. Which is too bad.… Continue reading 2025 Audi A5 Avant.