Amazing 2006 Honda Civic!

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Imagine smaller wheels, and replace the “clear grille” with darker plastics or chrome, and that’s it!
You’ve got the new 2006 Civic. And the one here is a 5 door. With a clever way to hide the rear doors, similar to what Alfa has been doing, but even better!

But wait a minute. What we get in the US is mostly the boring looking 4 door sedan. As you can see, the front end and front doors are similar to the Civic SI concept shown last month in the US.
Except for the grille.
So we’ll have to see how this amazing hatchback design translates with a formal trunk.
But there are rumors that the next Hybrid version of the Civic for the US might use the European 5 door body.
That would make it the perfect compact!

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