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Remember this guy???

That was , kind of, for a while Toyota’s answer to the Chrysler Minivans from the early 80’s. Toyota didn’t really have a minivan, so they took their small Hiace van and brought it over here. And renamed it the “WonderWagon”.

It was actually a pretty good idea. There was a pretty big market for a small but roomy van. Especially one made so well it could almost run forever!

But they stopped selling them not long after they finally came up with their ‘grown up minivan”, the Previa.

That’s too bad…

Well, the original Hiace has never stopped being sold outside of the US. And it has a huge following around the world.

So a new one is just around the corner, and I must say, even though the proportions are similar to the old one (A very short nose), it looks pretty futuristic. Much more modern than the boring vans we drive over here…

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