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Just when you thought Saturn was already a “has been ” brand, they come up with this: a real contender to the Camry and Accord. That’s what every US car maker has been trying to do for decades!

The previous L Series was old looking as soon as it came out.

This is based on the Opel Vectra platform and it looks great. Not futuristic in any way, but as modern as any other famiy sedan out there. And they finally found a good looking, original corporate front design!

It is just too bad it won’t be using the “dent resistent” body panels that made Saturn famous in the 1st place…

This is what the Vectra looks like.And the Saturn looks way better!

Usually the US versions look worse than the European models they are based on.

Like the poor Chevy Cobalt.

But this time around, even the interior is a step up from the Opel.(forget the 2 tone concept)

Congratulations to GM for really standing behind Saturn.

Now all they need is a good looking Ion, and they could be the US Honda.

What they were trying to be all along…

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  1. What the hell are you talking Vince? This new Saturn fascia has nothing original in it, it’s pure Opel, even the grille. Don’t look at Vectra, but at at the current Astra. When I first saw the Aura, I thought it’s just a badge-engineered Astra with a new sedan end. It might mean the small Saturn will at last be a rebadged Astra.


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