Volvo T6 Roadster

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What the hell is this??

Looks like a Volvo version of the Plymouth Prowler!

Why, why why???

What is the point of a European version of this?

It does look kind of fun. Like all these goofy designs. But it’ll never be made.

Chrysler proved there is no market for such a car.

It is just weird that a European car maker chose to do this ! It’s kind of like a Swedish hamburger.

It is called the T6 because it uses the 6 cylinder Turbo engine from the S80.

At least the name makes some kind of sense…

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  1. I think the prowler would have been a better idea now, chrysler has better suspensions, and engines, and build quality. The prowler would be nice in an srt8 version with the 425 hemi. which was its biggest problem the v6.

  2. oh…. my….. God…….. That is horrible. The prowler looked better anyway, and that didnt sell.. Good Lord, someone call a priest.

  3. It’s actualy not built or designed by Volvo, but they have sponsored the project with an engine. It’s build by a swedish guy who works at Koenigsegg, and it’s sponsored by Volvo, koenigsegg, Bilsport (A big swedish car magazine), Pirelli, Öhlins (Shocks) and a few more.
    Personaly, i find it kind of cool

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