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This is the 1st official teaser photo of the all new Audi Q7.

Their first SUV…

At first, you would think i is just a raised A6 Wagon. Because that’s pretty much what]it looks like. But No..

It is actually based on the same platform as the VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne.

But it does look like an Audi.

Which brings the question: Why does the overpriced Cayenne look like a VW with a new front end???

The Audi has its own design, but not the $90 000 Porsche?

As you can see, the Q7 is exactly the same as this “concept” shown last year.

It will seat 7 and the engines will be similar to the Touareg.

Prices should start at just under $40 000 in the US.

Another tall wagon wannabe SUV thing…

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  1. The sales of the Cayenne is a piece of evidence, that similarity with VW doesn’t prevent buyers to buy it.


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