Buick Lucerne

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Finally a decent looking large Buick sedan!

The front end still looks a bit heavy, and not too classy.

But the profile is actually modern. It even looks a lot like the new 2006 VW Passat!

Based on the current platform, it is available with the old 3.8Liter V6 with 195hp.

Or a 4.6 Liter V8 with 275hp!

But it still has only a 4 speed auto.

I don’t know why they show us this car in red. That’s an ugly color for a car that as no pretention of being a sports car.

I bet it looks even better in a classy color.

This could be a decent competition to the new Avalon.

Except, I can’t see anyone moving up from a Camry to a Buick. It’s just not the same kind of “conservative”…

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  1. this would be nice if the deville, impala,lucerne, and the monte carlo didnt have the same interior. and why is cadillacs largest car based on cheaper models, and the sad thing is that the interior actually looks more upscale than the cts.

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