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GM claims the all new BLS is for the European market only.
That sounds close to the PR BS we’ve heard just last year about the Jaguar X type wagon.
Cadillac wants to compete with the BMW 3 series, Mercedes C class even the next Lexus IS. And the CTS is way to big
for most European tastes.
If they think they have a tough job convincing Americans to by Cadillacs, wit till they try to convice Europeans to give up their BMWs for a brand that they almost now nothing about. The name is famous, but will that be enough???

Make no mistake. GM is after money. And there is a market for a car like this in the US.
I think it’s just a matter of time till we see this at home.
The car is based on the Saab 9.3. So much so that it is built in the same factory!

The engines are so far a 2.0Liter and a Turbo V6. Similar to what the 9.3 offers. Gm is looking into buying diesel engines
from BMW to put into this car. They’ll need it if they really want to sell in Europe.

You can tell the cars are similar in many ways. The doors, winshields and most of the roof. But they did a good job making this car look ike a Cadillac. Nothing like the Subaru based Saab 9.2!

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  1. I’m glad that you posted that picture of the Saab for comparison. Even before I saw that pic, you could see elements of the 9-3 poking through the new Cadillac’s flesh. Nice scoop; keep up the good work!

  2. For some reason it looks to me like a lowered saturn with big wheels from the side. From the a-pillar forward it just doesn’t look right. Hopefully it will grow on me, but what happened to the very modern looking sketches I saw in the auto magazines? That was a Caddy i’d buy. Oh, and is it fwd like the Saab? Hope not if it really wants to compete with the BMW, Merc, G35 ect. I guess the best we can hope for is awd?

    Oh, and I second the thoughts of Anonymous – great work and great blog!!

  3. i think that it is nice looking car, interior and exterior, it would be nice to compete with the lower end of the entry level luxury,tsx,s40,zephyr,legacy gt. It would make a popular car in the us, and it further shows, that cadillac much further than lincoln.

  4. I disagree that they should bring it to the U.S. The car looks really great but its just something that cadillac does not need in the U.S. because it will not help them in their future push up market with the upcoming ULS. Maybe once they reestablish themselves they could bring it over with a v-series only model and AWD.

  5. Not a bad looking car. It’s also official, that it will have 1.9L diesel engines from GM-Fiat joint venture and no BMW ones.


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