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Just thgought I would post more pictures of the all new Passat, so you can get used to it before it comes out…
I know it works for me.

Except for the interior. It still looks old fashion, without being retro cool. Just old…

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  1. not sure this is an improvement, it reminds me of something japanese, maybe a blend between a nissan altima(roofline and rear) and the overall shape of the toyota camry. the new jetta looks alot like the carolla. anyone else think so..

  2. I person, I have to say that the new Jetta doesn’t look like a Corolla that much. It looks better and much more expensive than the Toyota.
    And I like the interior much better too.
    Seems, form the photos, that it might be the same with the Passat. It will look better in person. But it’s not that modern. And I still don’t like the interior.
    In less than 2 years (A bit over a year after the Passat debut), the Camry, Altima will be all new. Then the Accord.
    And these guys are not asleep at the wheel!
    The next ones will probably be great.
    I think the Passat will then have a tougher time catering to more than the ones who “just want something different”…

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