New renault Twingo?

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The Z17 Concept is a preview of the new Twingo design.
But the concept has only 3 seats! I doubt there is a Market for a 3 seater car, even in Europe.
I would think the production model will have a proper back seat.
The look is more in line with the current square trend of latest renault designs.

As you can see here, the old (current) Twingo was very rounded.
It dates back to 1992! The car is extremelly roomy. It’s even amazing to see it from outside, and then, sit inside and realize there is so much room!

This is a rare photo of an early prototype for the old Twingo design. The general shape was already there, but the final car became much more modern looking . Thank God.
This one almost looked like a throw back form Russia circa 1975…

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