Smart Fortwo TDI

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The Fortwo is a slightly updated version of what they used to call the City Coupe. Back in the days…
When Smart was still a partnership between Swatch and Mercedes.
Mercedes took it over, spent tons of money in promotion, and voila! One of the best selling small cars in Europe.
That was in the last century…
Now it is on sale in Canada, and seriously considered for the US.
The Canadian market has 2 versions, the Coupe and the Cabrio.Both with a Diesel engine called TDI.
And they get well over 50mpg!!!!
The coupe is even available with a giant glass sunroof.
I saw one in an L.A freeway last month. It was going well over 80mph!

Let’s hope people don’t let their lives be run by “fear of giant SUV hitting my small car”!
And let’s start buying these..

I say: If it’s big enough for foreplay, it’s big enough!!!
But anything more is not advised. After all, there are no back seats…

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  1. Vince, the MB diesel engines are called CDI. Canadians get the Smart CDI and not TDI, which is VW only.


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