2006 Hyundai Accent

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The more cheap cars, the better.
Not everyone can spend $30 000 on a nice car. Often not even $20 000.
The current Accent starts at around $10 000! And this new one should not be that much more.

Considering the price, it looks pretty nice. Still on the boring side of things, but it doesn’t look that cheap anymore.
And the interior seems pleasant enought. You can tell it shares some interior bits with the new Kia Rio.

These “cheap” new cars make a better case for buying new, versus a $10 000 used car. Especially with that 10 year warranty.
One of the main advantage of an all new car.
And who wouldn’t pay extra for that intoxicating “new car smell”…

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  1. I’m liking this car not only because it looks boring but just because they aren’t trying to do more than what this car is. It’s an economy car that’s pleasantly affordable while visually appealing. No there’s no avant garde design here but it looks like it should be a good mover for Hyundai.

    If the mpg is competitive with the likes of civic and corolla it should sell in droves or is it herds! lol


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