2006 Hyundai Azera

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That’s pretty much the US version of the new “Grandeur” shown last month in Geneva.
Interior seems the same .
But, wait a minute.. Look at the front end. What happened to the grille????

That’s right, they changed it for the US market!! (The top one).
The Grandeur is not a great looking car, but it is fine. With that over sized, over chromed grille, the whole front end becomes vulgar, and frankly, quite ugly to me.
You would think they ‘d move away from this. Or keep the big grille for the Korean market.
They even added more chrome on the bumper to match it. Do they really think the US customer has such bad taste?

I just don’t get this…

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  1. i disagree i think this new hyundai looks nice looking and upscale, not as heavily chromed as the xg, which on this same site was said to be a good car. also the bad taste thing the answer would be yes, if big grills and chrome are sighns of bad taste(chrysler 300(excellent sales),sts,a6,any mercedes sedan… should i go further.) no it isnt bad taste and no where near the horrible over traditional korean luxury cars of old.

  2. Nice looking car–I’m getting a bit tired of the Audi look, but it’s better than the XG Hyundai it replaces.

  3. Ok, ok. The over chromed grill look is not for everyone. Besides, as long as it sells who cares? Like others have commented Chrysler 300c is a fine example of what consumers want. Big car look with a midsize budget price.

    This car is a milestone for Hyundai compared to the car that they it replaces. It might also be the turning point as far as break through for this brand and challenge rivals brands like Toyota Avalon. Who knows in a few short years they maybe neck-to-neck with them.


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