2006 Impala

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This is really not a bad looking car.
If you are in the market for a roomy sedan, you could do much worse. Like getting the current Impala.
It seems like GM has paid attention to the details, finally.

That light interior looks much better than the dark one I saw at the auto show.
With a good proven V6, or a V8, this looks to be a decent, and cheaper, alternative to the new Avalon. Maybe even a high end Camry. Some of the details like the window switches even look like the Camry’s!
And the exterior design has a kind of “big Camry” feel to it. That’s OK to me.

If you don’t care much about resale, that is… That problem will take many years, and good models, to fix…

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  1. Vince the 06 impala is based on previous camry’s styling but even the interior switch gear, (photo of window controls) are taken from there. I know. Had 94 model that reminds me of current impala. This is what they should’ve done with the very first model. But GM and Toyota had colloborated for several years earlier so I’m not surprised to see this blended design. It should sell but with incentives and yes forget re-sale.

    Like they say if you can’t beat em…..

  2. as someone who sells new chevrolets and cadillacs, this is a big improvement. maybe i wont have to talk people into those poorly build impalas. but i dont understand why they gave the deville and impala the same interior, seems like a backwards move for cadillac.

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