2006 Jeep Commander

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After the horrible looking Grand Chreokee, this!
Even worse. And bigger and more expensive.
Who designed this???
It looks like some Russian truck from the early 80’s.
NOT a modern Jeep.

The worst part is this great looking concept they showed us last year.
They, of course, claimed this was the design direction they had chosen for their upcoming large Jeep.
This is what a large Jeep should look like!

Someone made a major U turn in the “design direction”…

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  1. Vince say it ain’t so. That’s got to be a mistake. No way would anyone at DCX signoff on such an abomination or would they?

    jeez what crap!


  2. I cannot believe it myself.
    More pictures will be available very soon. But it seems to be the real thing.
    I guess the new Grand Cherokee was a taste of their new “style”…

  3. Sorry to report that I think I saw one of these abomonations while driving through Michigan. I am sure that it is a production test vehicle. It passed me by and I didn’t immediately recognize it, but noticed the Jeep brand markings. It was plain fugly.

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