Bentley SUV rumors

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Yes. A Bentley SUV!

This would be powered by the usual (for them) W12 Turbo with 450hp.
Too bad this great historical British brand is even thinking about something like this…

A Concept version of the monster is due in September.

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  1. I’m sorry: but that has to be one of the WORST photoshops I’ve ever seen! The Porsche Cayenne looks bad enough as it is. But then to graft the Bentley Continental GT nose onto the front – pure oogly. Just my $.02

  2. You’re right.
    This came from england and is over a year old.
    But I wouldn’t doubt if they would do something actually close to that.

  3. The “Shooting Brake” has a long history with Bentley and Rolls Royce, as a custom bodied car. That I would like to see, being a wagon fan.

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