H3 In Europe

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That’s right. You might think this could never work. The continent were small sensible hatchback cars outsell everything else couldn’t possibly want this !
Well… GM is trying. But not so hard.
First, they only have the gas engine available. Although they claim a 3.0 Liter diesel should come later. They have no chance at all without a diesel.
Second, the price.
The European H3 should start at 55000 Euros. That’s over $60 000!!!
And it goes all the way to 70 000 Euros. About $90 000!

They claim the H3 would go against the Discovery . Good luck with that!
The Discovery has a nice, modern looking interior with quality plastics. On the other hand, the “small” Hummer.. Not so much. It even looks cheap for the $30 000 they’re asking over here.

I predict another failure for GM.
Only some rich, stupid exentric snobs in Paris or London would go for this (way) over price crap…

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