Mitsubishi L 200

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In this country, where trucks almost outsell cars, you would think every car maker would try to offer everything they have in that segment.
Mitsubishi’s idea is to sell a slightly redesigned version of the Dodge Dakota. I just drove a Dakota for a couple of days, and that is not something I would be proud of using as a base for another truck. (more on that one when I get around to write a full review).
They have this really cool looking, and smaller, pick up truck. Unfortunatly, it is, for now, only sold in Thailand.
There might be hope if there is a demand.
For my taste, this is the best looking prduction pick up around. The only thing that came even close was a Nissan Concept from a few years ago.
The interior looks at least as good as other Japanese compact offerings.
And these have all gone up in size. There must be a market for a true compact truck. Mazda is trying the “true” minivan with the Mazda5. (now that the Honda Odyssey has grown to the size of a whale…)

I really think Mitsubishi should jump on this one, by pricing it below the others. And bring the diesel over here too.
It is time.

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