2007 Renault Laguna

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Hold on! These are just illustrations. So it just might look like that, or not…

The Laguna has always looked pretty modern, so these ideas seem realistic to me.
And Renault will offer the new Laguna in more body styles than the current model, which should mean this coupe. They already offer a wagon on top of the 5 door .
The new model will share its platform, and some engines, with the next Nissan Primera.
The Primera is not sold in the US. BUT…

Some rumors are talking about the next Altima sharing its platform with the next Primera.
So it is not impossible to think that this Renault design could end up looking really close to our next Altima.
The Altima would, of course, be a sedan version of this. And Nissan has been thinking of bringing back a coupe in the US for years. (there were rumors of a Maxima coupe years ago…)
That would be the best possible idea. Imagine these designs sold under Nissan, with the upcoming Hybrid engine!

One great family car for the US market!

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