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I wasn’t too crazy about this new version of the Batmobile.
I usually don’t like trucks. And it looks like one.
But after seeing the movie, I think it is the Perfect Batmobile. The best one yet, and the only one that is actually explained to us.
If you can’t afford the real thing, this replica will set you back $195.

This one didn’t even look that funny. Just a vulgar display trying to revive a cheap looking cartoon from the 80’s…

The real thing!!

A nice surprise. What was she doing there???

I thought at first this was Babs Muller. My brother’s old girlfriend.
But I don’t remember Babs being into comic books.
Anyway, this is a weird looking StarWars/Wonder Woman cross over…

This girl looked like she was trying very hard to make it in Hollywood.
I am not sure why she’s not famous yet…

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