2006 Euro Accord/Acura TSX ?

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Well, kind of… This is actually the 1st official picture of the 2006 European Accord. Which is the same car as our Acura TSX.
Except for the interior.
As you can see, this pretty much matches the changes Acura described earlier about the TSX.
I don’t think it is an improvement. I really like the TSX the way it is now.
But the adition of memory seats and an iPod plug are big pluses.
I wish that, at least, they used a satin finish for the grille, just like on the TL.
More chrome doesn’t make the car look more modern.

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  1. nobody thinks this thing is ugly, and cheap looking for that matter. and a 4cylinder, and the same interior as an accord, why is thing so praised.

  2. I drove one when they came out and was really impressed by the high quality feel of everything. As for the engine, who cares if it’s a 4 cylinder. It is quiter, smoother than many V6s. And with gas prices over $3 a gallon over here, I’ll take a good 4 any day.

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