2007 Camry Hybrid

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Toyota announced that the Hybrid version of the Camry will use a 4 cylinder engine.
That’s great news!
Who needs a 255hp Honda Accord with almost $4 a gallon gas?!?!

Toyota made the right decision about the Camry. People in the market for a hybrid want better mileage, not more power.
So the Accord gets 30mpg. The Prius gets around 50!

The Camry engine will not be the 1.5 Liter from the Prius, but a version of the 2.4 Liter already in the Camry.
And they will try to make the car as cheap as possible by not including the fancy digital screen most hybrids now have.
The all new Camry might be shown in Japan as early as October, and the US version at the Detroit show in January.

Sales start a few weeks after. But the hybrids might not show up until fall 2006.
They will be built in the US, at the rate of 48000 a year.

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