More 9.5 Pictures as per request…

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Someone here asked for more pictures of the “new” Saab 9.5. So what do I do?
I find them, and I post them!!!! That’s what I do.
Nothing on the interior yet. But I saw a very small pic (too small to post). Just very minor changes.

In the US at least, that is one car with a lousy resale value. So lease, or buy and keep it forever.
But don’t try to trade it in within 5 years…

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  1. Tell me what you think, Vince…

    The saloon (or sedan?) version of the 9-5 back lights look very similar to the new BMW 3-Series.

    The estate (do you guys call it that?) version has very similar back lights to the new Audi A4’s rear.

    And finally… don’t know if you have a photo handy for those who don’t know the car… but the new front lights look almost IDENTICAL to the Rover 75, sold in the UK and Europe… and Vince, we all know what recently happened to Rover! Hope those lights don’t carry the curse!

  2. The front lights look NOTHING like a Rover 75/ MG ZT. OK yes, they are both lights on the front of cars with four wheels, but the similarity ends there. Maybe HJ should get glasses, find a picture of a Rover 75 to look at at, preferably with your eyes open.
    ooh btw, Saab, whats with the tin foil around the lights? Was it supposed to be removed after the car was painted?

  3. GM’s efforts with SAAB are so pathetic, it’s a disgrace for SAAB and car fans in general.Their lame attempts at token “restyling” and badge-engineering makes me wonder why they don’t just sell the company and cut their losses, like BMW did with Rover.They ain’t foolin’ nobody!

  4. I wonder why Andrew Denty cannot give his opinion without being so rude. No doubt a side effect of being bullied as a child for being a gimp.

    I agree with HJ. The Rover 75 lights are similar. Only the new shape mind you. But I take it that’s what HJ was referring to.

  5. Kaizen says- “No doubt a side effect of being bullied as a child for being a gimp.” – Now who’s bullying and not being able to give their opinion without being rude. What a Hypocrite.

    Sorry if i was rude HJ, think it has something to do with me just being discharged from hospital after major surgery to my neck and not being able to do nething, so understandably i get irritable!
    Anyway i stand by my statement, the Rover 75 lights are not similar in shape to the Saab, as the Rover 75s lights are made up of two merged ovals giving a slightly BMW 3 series (the old model) effect. That is in the shape of the bottom of the light. Furthermore the Saab lights are far longer and curve into a far sharper shape. I would appreciate it if Vince could do a comparrison on here.

  6. i think its a good looking car, a big improvement, and shows that real redesighn will be very nice, not worth anything in resale, but nice

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