2007 Lincoln Aviator

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The first official picture of the all new (now car based) Aviator shows one of the best looking SUVs out there.
Until you compare it with the stunning concept Ford showed us last year.
They did the same thing with the Zephyr. They show us these “production ready looking” concepts so everyone thinks the actual cars will look the same.

Even though I miss the concept design, and that great looking front end. The production model still looks great. The only problem is that is looks very close to the Ford version, the Edge.
Only the front and rear are new. they could at least have changed the C pillar to make it look a bit more like, the concept…

The new 3.5 Liter should finally make it in this car.
I recently sat in a Zephyr and liked it a lot. I think Lincoln has a pretty competitive offering with these 2 cars.
And they do look pretty good.
The Zephir starts at just under $30 000. This should be a bit more, but still less than most of the competition.

And it is a great move away from the dark ages of truck based SUVs as family cars…

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