2007 Chrysler Aspen

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Nothing much to say. Except that this better picture makes it even worse looking.
This chromed Durango looks worse than the original.
Chrysler went the cheap and easy way this time.

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  1. I think It look great, how much more can anyone do with a station wagon? Look at the Tahoe/Escalde or the Nissan/Infinty (indentical) twins!!!

    You can see the lines of a Durango, but it looks alot differant not just a chromed over Dodge.

    I would look at more pictures before I make statemants like horrabile design!!!

    PS Vince aren’t you just a dirty stinky version of Phil? Oh that right you switch names when more people came here to read about cars!!!

  2. the thing is, there arn’t too many ways you can design a full-size SUV. Nomatter what, they’ll all look alike, and I’m going to say that thats “UGLY”

  3. Hey Vince..
    Wasn’t the aspen of another dodge back in like the 70’s or 80’s? I guess Aspen must be dodge language for UGLY.. ha ha ha

  4. Some shithead at DCX says: “Hey man, i got a brilliant idea.. Let’s take one of our existing model with poor sales, give it a new name, change the headlights and
    make some money from it!

    Eh, no.. lame.

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