Dodge Caliber Interior

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Just a couple of shots of the new Dodge interior.
They are pretty hard to get. It seems like Dodge knows it isn’t the Caliber’s best feature. So they are not showing the interior that much. Except for the cool details like the iPod holder in the armrest or the air conditioned glove compartment…

This shows some “sport interior” option where the center stack is colored. ( I guess to match the exterior color).
In a weird attempt to lure the PT Cruiser crowd?

And it look horrible. The cheap metallic center part of the dash doesn’t really need that much attention. Coloring it makes it really stand out.
Not a good thing.
I would pass on that option….

At least the floor seems to be pretty flat back there. The Caliber is a great package. The price seems good to. Good power and a CVT.
Id it enough to overcome the interior???
Anyone knows when this is supposed to hit the dealers???

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