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The Celica might be dead in the US, but it seems like it might stay alive and well in Japan for years to come.
This illustration gives us an idea of what the next generation might look like. (maybe as soon as next year)

With previous generations, they had to please many different countries.
But if this one stays in Japan, they could really concentrate on what the local market wants.

And who knows, it might still even come back later…

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  1. Here’s a thought. The Celica is built by Toyota. Scion is a division of Toyota. Toyota plans on introducing a new Scion sport coupe (according to reports, a fourth model, not a replacement) at the New York Auto Show. Do the math. Need further proof? Based on the illustration, that Celica is homely enough to fit right into Scion’s lineup.

  2. I think the Celica would be too close to the Tc.
    That’s why they took it out of the US line up.

    The next Scion should be something Scion doen’t offer yet.
    Liek a larger coupe or a convertible. Or even a Hybrid coupe.
    Or anything more modern looking than the Tc…

  3. True enough, but one really can’t tell the size of the car based on the illustration. There is a possibility the Celica pictured is that larger coupe you speak of. We’ll all find out in a month.

  4. There were rumors last year about Toyota bringing back the Levin.
    The Toyota Levin was, in the 80’s, what we knew as the Corolla Liftback. (hatchback coupe version of the Corolla)
    Toyota was thinking of bringing back the (iconic in Japan) small, affordable RWD 4 seater Coupe/hatch.
    So maybe that’s it…

  5. gosh damn i wish some company would bring back a cheap rear wheel drive 4 banger ! and not a truck, i live in so cal and hate front wheel drive ( no need for it ) so recently i was gonna either buy a new economy 4 banger or something used, so i searched high and low for either a 200sx 240 sx or an old corolla gts rear wheel drive 4 banger and couldnt find any that werent worn out, so i ended up with a toyota tercel with 40 k on it and paid cash instead of having payments on a new car, i needed 30 mpg plus and got 34 mpg, but really wanter rear wheel drive, oh well !

  6. I was always surprised the Celica nameplate disappeared in the US. Had a lot of nostalgia—the Japanese Mustang. For sentiment’s sake I’d like to see it return there and I don’t think, with these looks, it would conflict too badly with the Scion tC.

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