Solara dead after 2008…

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There is a death rumor floating around the Solara these days…

The Camry based coupe will be slightly revised for 2007.
With a new grille and LED tail lights among other things. And although you would think a move to the new 3.5 liter V6 would be automatic, the Solara might not even get it. (that’s a weird rumor if you ask me, since Toyota is saving $1000 on each 3.5 compared to the 3.3…)
But is might not be redesigned when the regular cycle is over, the 2009 Model year.
I just drove a Solara convertible a couple of weeks ago. And I thought it was a great car. Solid, quiet and a pleasure to drive.

Toyota is trying to come up with a car that would “attract a different demographic” but still based on the Camry.
My bet is on a new 2 door hardtop convertible with a new name.

By then, even the Sebring will have a hard top, and I don’t think Toyota would be far behind…

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